Planning Services
Master Plans, Airport Layout Plans, and Feasibility Studies

Lighting and Electrical Systems, Runway, Taxiway and Apron Design, NAVAIDs, and Support Facilities

Self-Service Fueling Systems
100 LL and Jet A Systems

Surveying Services
Including GIS Updates and Exhibit A Property Research

Architectural Services
Terminal Building, Aircraft Hangars, and Other Public or Private Facilities

Featured Project

Having the right Airport Consultant has made a huge difference in moving our projects forward. The Bollig Team has been engaged since day one and has made a ‘night and day’ difference in putting our projects on a fast track.

Joe LaRue, Airport ManagerPride of the Prairie Airport | Elbow Lake, Minnesota

Our Airport Consultant Team at Bollig Engineering works very closely with our Airport Directors, our Airport Manager, our City Administrator, our City Council and our Mayor. Joe Gimse and Mike Beard also bring the additional strengths of their legislative experience with MnDOT and the FAA. Their agency connections and their aviation knowledge significantly assist Elbow Lake’s advancement and continued development of our airport projects. They know the value and necessity of helping us achieve discussion, understanding, participation, respect and mutual support with MnDOT and the FAA.

Paul Brutlag, ChairmanPride of the Prairie Airport (Y63) | Elbow Lake, Minnesota

The Bollig Team knew how to get the attention and support of MnDOT and the FAA to help the Tracy Airport regain its NPIAS status and took the steps to get it done quickly. Bollig’s dedicated service and support has gotten us back on track to be a viable airport and planning for our long-term development goals.

Shane Daniels, Airport ManagerTracy Municipal Airport | Tracy, Minnesota This

We selected Bollig as our Airport Engineer because of the high level of attention and responsiveness we felt that they would provide. The Bollig team has exceeded our expectations in providing exceptional client service and have proven themselves to be a trusted partner for advancing the goals of our community.

Jeff Holsen, City AdministratorElbow Lake, Minnesota