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Bollig is prepared to help you implement the Lead Service Line Inventory requirements in your City’s public water system

Our seasoned team understands the technical support required to establish and maintain a lead service line inventory for small cities in Minnesota. Learn more about how to access funding to keep your public works budget intact.

Existing Record Review & Visual Inspections

Grant & Funding Applications

Planning, Implementation & Ongoing Compliance

Do you struggle with:

Existing Records Review

Our seasoned team will review current records and determine how to meet the Federal requirements.

Grant & Funding Applications

We can help you access funding, including grants, to get the job done while keeping your public works budget intact.

Implementation & Ongoing Compliance

With Bollig Inc as your Preferred Consultant, we can take care of your lead service line inventory, so you can focus on other tasks.

We get it - these new requirements can be hard.

At Bollig Inc, we understand the needs of small cities in Minnesota and the stringent and changing Federal requirements for identifying lead service lines in public water systems. As municipal engineers focusing on small cities, we have an experienced and dedicated Lead Service Line Inventory team ready to provide technical and funding solutions.

Why Act Now?

Grant Funds will be Available

Bollig Inc can help with grant applications but proposed funding can take time so applying early is key.

Federal Deadline is Approaching Quickly

With the size of this project and upcoming deadline of October 2024, don’t wait to take action. We encourage you to learn more about the Federal requirements, by visiting the EPA’s Lead Service Line Inventory Guidance and the MN Department of Health.

How it Works

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Reach out to our Lead Service Line Inventory Experts to discuss how we can best assist your city.

2. Get your Council Meeting Toolkit

With a customized Council Meeting Toolkit, your clerk will have the tools to take action immediately.

3. Feel Relieved and have a Solid Plan

With Bollig Inc as your Preferred Consultant, your city will meet all lead service line inventory requirements.

Bollig Inc - Your Lead Service Line Team

At Bollig Inc, we pride ourselves on being neighbors serving neighbors right here in rural Minnesota. Our seasoned team is dedicated to understanding the unique needs of small communities, including this urgent need for planning, implementing, and maintaining lead service line inventories.

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Please fill out the form below and one of our team members will reach out to you about Bollig’s Lead Service Line Inventory Program.  We can help you determine if Bollig Inc would be a good partner for your city, or if there are others who might better serve you. We know that staff at small cities in Minnesota wear many hats, so a complimentary “Got Lead?” Hat is our gift to you!